Why Maintain My Aquarium?


Silver Angelfish
This beautiful freshwater tropical fish is a hardy community addition.



Many of this species thrive in the tropical, acidic waters of South America.



Bleeding Heart Tetras
Popular among freshwater aquarium keepers.

Aquarium maintenance, and more importantly, regular maintenance, is probably the most important element in aquarium success for several reasons.  Below are a few.
  • Removes wastes
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Minimizes stress
  • Increases redox potential
  • Keep chemical levels in check
  • Maximizes vitality and health
  • Water stays clean and clear
  • Avoid detritus/algae buildup
  • Keeps aquarium looking great

Waste removal-Changing the water in itself will remove potentially toxic elements from the aquarium environment.  Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, and other complex organic molecules are removed and replaced with toxic-free water.  

Stabilizing pH-Waste removal allows the buffering capacity of the aquarium water to stabilize the pH, and fluctuations are kept minimal.  It's important to understand that the water being replaced is pH-buffered, and stabilized to the desired levels.

Minimizing stress-When there are less chemical and physical dramatic fluctuations in the aquarium, the specimens tend to stay much healthier, and sometimes even spawn.

Increased redox potential-Regular maintenance increases the livability of the aquarium water for the long-term.  Redox potential is a basic measure of the water's ability to cleanse itself.   Regular aquarium care increases the redox (oxidation/reduction) level by keeping fresh toxic-free water in the aquarium environment.

Keep chemical levels in check-Over-dosing medications or additives is common, so water changes can avoid potential die-off's due to poisoning or over-exposure.

Maximizes vitality and health-A healthy environment keeps healthy specimens.

Water stays clean and clear-Avoiding nitrate buildup and changing the mechanical and chemical filters keep the water clear and void of yellow discoloration.

Avoid detritus/algae buildup-Regular maintenance removes the physical waste products (scum), and allows the water to cleanse itself more efficiently.

Keeps aquarium looking great-The physical environment simply looks cleaner, and it's inhabitants will stay healthier.  Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is not only beneficial, but essential for the looks and health of your aquarium.

Brightly colored species of marine fish that are often found schooling in reef areas.



Tropical Goby
Large family of bottom, and rock-dwelling marine fish.



Protect Our Environment
Be a responsible pet owner.  Educate yourself, and conserve our planet.

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