Maintenance Tricks

Like in any hobby, the more you practice at it, the more you become familiar with the tricks of the trade.  Maintaining your aquarium is an area where it can be very beneficial and time-saving to know a few of these tricks.  Below is a list of some recommended aquarium maintenance do's and don'ts:

  1. Always rinse hands and arms under clean, warm water before putting them into the aquarium.  Wear sanitized gloves if available.

  2. For most tanks, it's a good idea to "gravel vacuum" waste, and debris from the substrate when changing water.

  3. Remove plants and decorative rock when gravel vacuuming.

  4. Clean algae and operate in the aquarium when the tank has been partially drained and/or water level is low.

  5. When doing partial water changes, always know what percentage of total aquarium water should and will be changed.

  6. Always replace with high quality R.O., spring, or distilled water.  Chlorine, and heavy metals common in tap water, kill aquarium inhabitants.

  7. Mix and aerate saltwater hours or even days before using.

  8. Changing 10% water twice a month is better than 20% once a month. 

  9. Feeding a little food more often is better than a lot at once.

  10. If your tank has synthetic plants or decorative rock/coral, have a replacement set to replace while cleaning.  Switch at maintenance times.  This keeps decor looking great.

  11. If you want to take gravel out to clean, use a strainer and aquarium water.  This keeps the nitrifying bacteria alive.

  12. Don't clean any aquarium parts with ammonia based or toxic products.  Don't use these products around the aquarium at any time.

  13. Powerheads and flexible tubing make good water refill devices.

  14. Add trace elements and additives by pre-mixing in a plastic cup of aquarium water.  Sterilize after use.

  15. Keeping glass clean offers better light penetration from reflection off of the inside of the aquarium.  It also helps for viewing.

  16. Carbon can be partially reenergized by micro-waving or heating in oven until dry.  In most aquariums, carbon is only intended for short term use.

  17. Use timers for the aquarium lights is very helpful for algae growth, and cheap to do.

  18. Protein skimmers, as well as most other auxiliary filtration devices should be checked and cleaned, if needed, daily.

  19. Feed specimens unique type foods at maintenance time.  This gives the specimens diet diversity.

  20. Testing water is good to do before maintenance is performed.

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