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Keeping an aquarium requires routine care, and this care is driven by knowledge, work ethic, and the tools of the trade (or a good fish guy).  Below is a list of equipment that we recommend for taking care of your aquatic environment.
  • Buckets
  • Water Containers
  • Water Pump
  • Flexible Hose
  • Gravel Vacuum
  • High-Quality Water
  • Algae Pads
  • Replacement Filters
  • Fine and Course Nets
  • Water Conditioners
  • Medications
  • Test Kits
  • Food

Buckets-Any large container will do, as this item will be for holding aquarium parts, rock, filters, plants, water, or even fish during cleaning.

Water Containers-It's usually good if these are exact measurement containers (i.e. 5 gal.) and preferably with tops to avoid spillage.

Water Pump-Especially useful when changing large volumes of water.  These devices work great to refill the tank after its been siphoned, or general all-around water-moving chores

Flexible Tubing-Used for siphon and refill purposes.  Find the proper diameter of hose to fit the submersible water pump.

Gravel Vacuum-A very important tool in this section.  Make sure to purchase a sturdy, and reliable vacuum tube that is the proper length for the height of your aquarium.   Siphon action usually works best to start the vacuum.

High-Quality Water-Preferably pre-mixed, aerated and treated.  Reverse Osmosis, distilled, spring, or even deionized water is preferable over tap or well water. 

Algae Pads-Great for removing algae and detritus from the aquarium and filtration devices.  Available in many forms.  It's good to have a few different types for complete cleaning and tough to reach spots.

Replacement Filters-Certain filtration devices require routine cleaning, so it's good to have extra replacements around.

Fine and Course Nets-These aid in removing waste products, debris, detritus, fish and other things if needed.  Have different kinds and sizes of nets for different uses.

Water Conditioners-Removes toxic elements and promotes/protects the immune systems of most specimens.

Medications-You never know what type of disease could rear it's ugly head in your aquarium.  Have some general pharmaceuticals around as a precautionary measure.  Preventive treatments also can reduce the chances of  infection.  Precision is key to properly medicating an aquarium

Test Kits-Used to measure water parameters.  Use kits that are trustworthy and accurate.  Thermometers and hydrometers are included.

Food- Usually feeding prior to cleaning the tank is best.   Variety of diet is very beneficial.  Food will boost the fish's immune systems during this stressful time of change part of the aquarium water.  Beware of overfeeding.

Vitamins and additives stabilize the water and make it nutrient rich.  Be careful not to overdose these.

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Gravel vacuums are very useful tools in performing water changes.


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