A  q  u  a  r  i  u  m    M  a  i  n  t  e  n  a  n  c  e

A regular Maintenance schedule is key to maintaining a successful aquarium.  Most all specimens kept in the aquarium are from much larger bodies of water, and fluctuations  in the physical environment are controlled by Mother Nature. Things are much different in the aquarium, where there is limited water, and toxic chemicals are produced in higher concentrations.  However, with a regular maintenance schedule as an ongoing part of keeping the aquarium, the natural environment can be more closely imitated.  
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Not all aquariums are maintained the same way.  It's best to read up on what type of aquarium specimens you are keeping before you decide on a maintenance schedule.  Some tanks need to be cleaned more often, some less.  Some filters need to be changed more often, others never.  To have a successful aquarium, proper maintenance is very important to keep your specimen's vitality and health.  A strict maintenance schedule is often neglected by aquarium owners, and leaving this out is the quickest way for your tank to depreciate and potentially "crash".  Below is a link to more in depth information on taking care of an aquarium, and common tasks performed.



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Below are some of the activities normally done when maintaining your aquarium

  • Algae removal
  • Gravel vacuum
  • Change water
  • Replace filter media 
  • Filtration installation
  • Filtration maintenance
  • Add new specimens
  • Test water
  • Add vitamins
  • Add trace elements
  • Feed
  • Disease treatment
  • Change bulbs
  • Aquarium misc.

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Tired of scrubbing out that algae-ridden tank, and making a mess of any area near your aquarium?  Take the burden off of maintaining your aquarium environment and let us do it for you.  We offer local setup and maintenance, and also offer worldwide Consultation services.  Whether you want to set up a new system or rejuvenate an existing one, VersAquatics offers maintenance services for a broad variety of aquariums and filtration devices. Maintenance fees and schedules vary with the size of the tank and the filtration devices involved with that particular setup.  We use high-quality reverse osmosis, deionized, distilled, or spring water, and is optionally  pre-mixed and pre-treated.   Proper and regular maintenance is a key element to a successful aquarium, so get your tank on the right track.  Fill out an About Your Tank page for advice specific to your aquarium.  Consult the rest of our website for more information about aquarium care.

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