Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent bulbs come in several colors and wattages.   These are most commonly used on smaller aquarium applications.   Consult your dealer for the proper size and color for your aquarium.
Incandescent Lighting has been a popular form of aquarium lighting for decades.  It is an inexpensive, versatile light source that is used in aquariums both big and small.  This lighting offers many colors, and bulb strengths.  As with other light sources, there are advantages and disadvantages to having this type of lighting, and it is only useful in certain aquarium applications. 

One important note is that incandescent lights produce a significant amount of heat.  This heat can be helpful, or detrimental, depending on how and where it is used.    More often than not, it is detrimental.  Smaller aquariums are especially vulnerable to these temperature changes.

Incandescent lights have been very popular with smaller type aquariums, mainly because many different types of incandescent bulbs will fit into a small aquarium hood, which is another reason this is a popular form of lighting.  They have also been available to the hobby longer than the other types of lighting.

 Some downfalls though, with this type of lighting is that the spectrum of the bulb is not consistent, bulb life is short, and they are inefficient at high lumen output in deeper aquaria.

Things to look for when shopping for an incandescent bulb would be color, wattage, connector type, and bulb life.  Some bulbs offer a "spec sheet" in, or on the box for information about the bulb.  Careful consideration needs to be taken in determining what the proper type of lighting is for your type of aquarium environment.

Because of the heat produced by this bulb, as with metal halide lighting, proper circulation and/or ventilation is desirable.  An efficient heater is also mandatory in most applications because of the temperature changes, that can take place when the light turns off.  This is especially the case in smaller aquariums, or aquariums with poor ventilation.



Lighting hoods are available to custom fit your aquarium and safely house the incandescent bulbs.  Exposed lights or electrical fixtures can present obvious fire hazards.

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