How Often Do I Clean My Aquarium?
 Home This can be answered by asking yourself a series of questions:
  1. How big is my aquarium tank?
  2. Freshwater or saltwater?
  3. What filtration devices are running?
  4. What types of specimens do I keep in the tank?
  5. How many are there? (what is the "bio load?")
  6. How often and what do I  feed to my specimens?

From this point, you can make a decision as to how often the aquarium will be maintained.  Refer to the chart below for recommended maintenance schedules for different types of aquaria.  These are general recommendations assuming an average bio load and average feeding schedule.

 Tank Size   20-50 Gal   50-100 Gal  100-300 Gal  300-500 Gal

Freshwater 2 x per month once a month bi-monthly quarterly
Saltwater once a week twice a month once a month once a month
Brackish 2 x per month once a month once a month once a month
Reef every day twice a week once a week once a week

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