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Keeping an aquarium can be a very involved hobby, and requires knowledge in a number of different areas.  Some of these include biology, chemistry, compatibility of species, electrical, plumbing, lighting, filtration, disease diagnosis/treatment and most importantly, aquarium keeping experience.  Mistakes can be catastrophic to the aquarium environment, and this is not uncommon, especially for the beginner.  Good advice, and common sense goes a long way, and we understand that.  Setting up and "cycling" a new aquarium requires skill, patience, and to extent, luck.  However, this is still a good time to make some wise decisions.  We offer complete setup and consulting services for all types of aquarium environments.  Setups available anywhere from simplistic fish bowls, to the more advanced live plant and reef aquariums.  Let us assist you in starting your new aquarium right the first time with no hassles and proper installation.  We have experience with many types of tanks, equipment, and livestock.  We consult simple goldfish questions, and have designed and installed aquarium systems in pet stores; locally and abroad.  Check out Russia 2000 for a look at one of our projects.
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We offer worldwide internet consultation and local setup services.  We can consult and educate you in many areas of the aquarium hobby no matter where your location.   If you want to take care of your own aquarium, you'll want to visit the other pages in our site, especially the Aquarium Maintenance section.  Local setups (Kansas City, Mo, USA area) consist of tank delivery, installation of aquarium, installation of plumbing and filtration components, fill, water conditioning, testing, and stocking.  We use the appropriate water (reverse osmosis, deionized, distilled, or spring), and treat with the necessary salts, minerals, vitamins, buffers, or trace elements .   Local setup fees will vary with the size of the tank, commute distance, and the filtration devices involved.   If you like to shop online, you may want to see Brian's Links for the best deals on aquarium supplies and information on the net.

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