Aquarium Maintenance


Keeping living creatures in an enclosed aquatic environment for the long term is not an easy job.   This job can be made much easier if regular tasks are performed.

The most successful aquariums to date are on strict maintenance schedules to keep the vitality of  the specimens, ensuring more natural and longer lives.  Many aquarists will tell you that the key to success is proper and routine maintenance.

Some people who understand that proper maintenance is important still neglect their tank(s) for lack of time or laziness.  In the long run they end up losing lots of precious life and money because they continue to neglect this key element to sustaining an aquarium.

Thus, this part of our site will be devoted to information that we've compiled over the years about maintaining all types of tanks, and specimens.  We also support internet consulting and local aquarium maintenance services for those interested.

To the right is a menu bar to help you achieve greater success in maintaining your aquarium environment, and hopefully. these web pages will share new ideas to make the job easier.  Good Luck!

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