A b o u t  O u r  C o m p a n y

VersAquatics (Versatile Aquarium Systems Co.) was established in 1998 by an entrepreneur and  marine biologist who wanted to spread interest about aquarium care through the internet medium, and establish a local aquarium maintenance service.  Initially, the main thrust of the internet company was quality information about the aquarium-keeping hobby, with an emphasis on aquarium maintenance. 

As interest in the website grew, the company expanded it's database to include additional and improved information in areas of aquarium care.  Some of these include: frequently asked questions, setup, filtration, lighting, disease diagnosis, medicating, compatibility, fish anatomy, testing water, photo galleries, aquarium photography, discussions, specialty aquaria, the nitrogen cycle, consultation services, and other various areas.  We will continue to grow as needs arise, and as the hobby and science evolves.
VersAquatics continues to explore new frontiers with the long term goal of providing the best aquarium care and information source available on the web, as well as a great product line.  We have been providing information to our customers and visitors since the onset, and hope to do so for the life of the company. 

We appreciate our visitors, and want to extend a warm thank you to all the great comments we've received from our valued friends over the years.  Truly, this is what's kept us going.  If you have questions or comments about keeping your aquarium, please feel free to contact us.  Thanks again.

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