to VersAquatics.com.  Our broad and highly interactive website offers a wide range of information, pictures, and services for the beginner to the most advanced aquarium hobbyist.  This site is free, dynamic, safe, and welcome to one and all.  If you are a newcomer to our hobby, or just got an aquarium, you should look at our Aquarium Setup page, amongst others.  If you are an experienced aquarist, or in the aquaculture industry,  this site also contains a variety of useful and informative pages to assist you in keeping many types of aquaria.

Looking for information about keeping an aquarium operating and looking great?  You'll want to check out our  Maintenance section for the latest techniques in caring for your aquarium.  For info on types of filters and their operation, go to the Aquarium Filtration web pages.  Those of you who are interested in the different types and methods of illuminating the aquarium, we also have a section dedicated to Lighting.  For a list of common questions we get, and answers to these problems check out our FAQ page.

To keep everyone socially happy in your aquarium, you might find some ideas in the Compatibility section.  The body profile of a fish will tell you more than you might think.  Look at the Fish Anatomy page for more about the fishes body structure and function.  We also have an extremely helpful section for Tropical Fish Disease with common fish ailments, medications, and pharmaceuticals.  Visit the Disease Diagnoser to try to identify a potential illness.  If you want to know more about water quality and common aquarium water tests, see our Testing The Water section.

Specialty aquariums have become popular in recent years, and interest has grown tremendously, especially for planted and reef aquarium applications.  For information on natural and planted tanks, The Natural Aquarium page might be insightful.  We also have a section dedicated to reef enthusiasts with the Reef Aquaria page, and a page dedicated to those who keep freshwater Bettas and the infamous but beautiful Cichlids.


If you're looking for links to other quality internet websites for aquarium services and information, you'll want to check out Brian's Links.  For a great selection of quality aquatic images and artwork, you'll definitely want to check out our Photo Gallery.  We also have a section more specific to The Art of Aquarium Photography.  We hope your experience on our site is a good one, and that your visit is worthwhile.

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